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What the Diesel Maintenance Technician Program Entails

What the Diesel Maintenance Technician Program Entails

Broward Technical Colleges is proud to operate a series of colleges in Broward County, Florida and nearby areas. When you look for trade schools in Florida online, a number of our locations will likely show up in yourtrades schools search results.

That’s because we offer compelling classes in our Automotive Technician School and on our other campuses. One of those classes is the diesel maintenance technician course.

Course Basics

Our diesel maintenance technician course takes 600 hours to complete. This in-person class is often compared to a boot camp because it’s so action-packed and informative. The program is designed to prepare enrollees to seek entry-level employment once they complete their studies.

As a student in the program, you’ll learn both hard and soft skills related to employability as a diesel maintenance technician. You’ll also learn about OSHA procedures and commercial motor vehicle preventative maintenance. From maintaining commercial-grade air brakes to repairing all heavy vehicle systems and more, students will learn it all.

Hands-On Is the Name of the Game

When you look through our program descriptions, you’ll see that our courses include a nice mix of class types. While some are taught in a typical classroom environment where students remain seated, our diesel maintenance program requires students to be up and about during lessons.

Students in our diesel maintenance program enjoy plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. Because our classes are small, they allow for a lot of one-on-one interaction between students and instructors.

Career Opportunities

If you contact the helpful folks in our Broward career center, they’ll tell you that you’ll have a generous number of careers to pursue as a graduate of our diesel maintenance technician program. You may want to enter the trucking and transportation industry or the municipal sector as a technician, for example.

Here are some of the other jobs you may want to pursue:

  • Automotive repair and maintenance specialist
  • Mobile diesel mechanic
  • Marine and railroad diesel technician
  • Power generation technician
  • Agricultural mechanic
  • Diesel service writer

To pursue any of those exciting positions, you simply have to start the requisite training. Register with our vocational school to get the training necessary to pursue employment as a diesel maintenance technician now.

Do you want to learn more about our educational programs in general or the diesel maintenance technician course in particular? Visit the relevant location or give Broward Technical Colleges a call to speak to an informed member of our team today.