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Looking for a fulfilling career in the automotive service industry? Then it’s time to explore course offerings at Atlantic Technical College and other trade school locations within Broward Technical Colleges. By completing up-to-date coursework and gaining hands-on experience, you’ll be able to exit the program prepared to enter the workforce with confidence! 

Automotive Technician Courses

There are three levels of automotive technician courses you can explore at Broward Technical Colleges. No matter which route you take, you’ll be set up for an exciting career as an automotive technician. 


  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician (600 hours): A great program for easily gaining entry-level positions at dealerships or independent automotive service shops, this course will teach you essential skills for performing light repairs and scheduled maintenance on a variety of makes and models. Students will leave the program with foundational knowledge of all eight areas required for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) benchmark. 


  • Automotive Service Technology (1,800 hours,18-months): This course focuses on diagnosing problems related to onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems. The class also includes instruction on other advanced systems, such as air conditioning, front-end alignment, and computerized automotive repair data systems. 


  • Automotive Service Technology – Ford ASSET (2,400 hours, 24 months): Students complete this program by attending coursework at Sheridan Technical College or Broward County Public Schools while also engaging in hands-on instruction at local dealerships. Students graduate with an Associate’s Degree, a technical program certificate of completion, and a manufacturer’s certification in every aspect of automotive repair. 


How to Enroll in Automotive Technician Courses

If you’re ready to take control of your career path, then now is the time to find the right automotive service technology course for you at Broward Technical Colleges. You can take Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair and Automotive Service Technology – Ford ASSET at Sheridan Technical College. Automotive Service Technology is available at all three Broward Technical College locations.


Getting started is simple and easy. Pick a technical college location near Fort Lauderdale and set up a virtual meeting with a guidance counselor. You’ll discuss your career goals and find the courses that will send you on the path that best fulfills your needs. Then, all you need to do is register! 


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