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High School Dual Enrollment in Southern Florida

Each of our three campuses offers High School Dual Enrollment. What exactly does it mean to be Dual Enrolled?

Our Career Dual Enrollment (or CDE for short) is an alternate option for current high schoolers to enroll in. It allows high school students to take
postsecondary courses that can be applied toward high school graduation and can also go towards a future career and technical college program certificate.

Students beginning 11th grade or entering their junior year of high school can enroll in this program. While enrolling in full time in high school courses they’ll also get the opportunity to take classes toward learning technical skills to get started on a potential career path at a young age.
Our schools even offer online courses that can go toward their online education credits.

Some program courses can even be applied toward college credits!
Contact our Admissions Office or visit BrowardTechnicalColleges.com for more
information and how to apply to this innovative CDE program!