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Learn to Repair Planes in the Avionics Systems Technician Course

Our schools offer plenty of transportation courses that can allow our students to enter a new, lucrative career field. One such course offered at Broward Technical Colleges is the Avionics Systems Technician course.

If you want a skilled job where you get to learn more about aircrafts, their components, and how to repair them, this program can get you started on the path to your new career.

The Length of the Program

The Avionics Systems Technician program takes 1,200 hours to complete. If you attend school full time, you can complete it in 12 months. You’ll be on your way to your next career after learning a new set of skills and everything that you need to succeed in this field.


What the Program Teaches The Avionics System Technician program, only offered through Atlantic Technical College, gives you the skills you need to maintain the electronic instruments used on aircrafts. Planes have become dependent on electronics to operate smoothly and safely. Now there’s a big demand for anyone who knows these systems well and can keep them running without issues.

You’ll also learn important skills and information such as:

  • How to work with radio communication devices
  • Radar systems and navigation technologies that help planes reach their destinations safely.
  • How these parts play a role in the safe operation of an aircraft
  • How to repair and maintain all of these crucial components

Why Choose Broward Technical College

Our trade schools in Florida should be your first choice when you’re ready to enter a new field and start a new career. We offer multiple locations and a flexible class schedule, so pursuing your education isn’t just rewarding, it’s convenient. We also give students the chance to develop their skills in hands-on courses that take them out of the classroom and into real-world working situations.


If this all sounds great to you, check out our website and learn more about what a vocational school education can do for you. Your next career could be just an online application away!