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Learn the Basics of Medical Office Procedures by Applying to the Medical Assisting Program

If you’re looking for medical assistant schools in Broward, our technical colleges should be your first choice. Broward Technical Colleges can help students learn new skills and find work in a brand new industry, no matter what stage of life they happen to be at. Our medical assisting program is cutting-edge and flexible, and it will help you take those next steps towards a new career faster than you might expect.

Medical Technology program
What it Covers

The medical assisting program is comprehensive, giving you the skills and knowledge that you need to become a multi-skilled healthcare professional. You will learn about clinical and medical office procedures and you’ll have the chance to see what working in a laboratory environment looks like. You’ll learn about imaging technology, like x-rays, and diagnostic tools like electrocardiograms.


By the time you complete the medical assisting program, you will know how to assist a physician or another health professional in many types of examinations. You’ll be a big part of administering patient care and help handle the administrative side of things, like appointment scheduling. Demand for medical assistants is only going to keep rising, so now’s the time to learn the skills that you need to advance in your career.



The Medical Assisting program is available at all three of our colleges near Fort Lauderdale. You can apply for this program and go to Atlantic Technical College, Sheridan Technical College, or McFatter Technical College. Find the school and location that works best for you and your busy schedule! We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to pursue your education and a new career.


Your New Career in a Year

If you’re interested in Sheridan healthcare careers, you’ll be happy to know that the Medical Assisting program can be completed in just a year. The course is approximately 1,300 hours long, meaning that full-time students can complete it in just twelve months. Of course, our programs are also flexible and allow you to take more time if you have other obligations.


If you’re ready to begin your new career, the Broward Technical Colleges can help. Visit our website to learn more about how our trade schools with job placement can help you learn valuable new skills and find work in an exciting new field. Learn all about our programs and apply today!