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Learn Automotive Tech at Broward Technical College

If you’re interested in attending automotive technical school, make Broward Technical College your first stop. Our engaged community and expert instructors are dedicated to helping you find a career you love in a growing industry. There are many benefits to learning about the automotive technical trade and you can begin your training with ease today.

Why Study Automotive Tech?

-Wide job opportunity

-Competitive pay

-Big savings

-Job security

-Interesting work

Why Study Automotive Technology?

You might be wondering if attending one of our colleges near Broward County, Florida to study automotive technology is the right career path for you. The truth is, there are many exciting benefits to a career in the automotive technology industry and it’s growing every day.


Here are a few reasons you’ll want to consider studying automotive technology with our instructors today:


  • You’ll Have Many Career Opportunities: Our school is here to help you find a job you love, with career advising and job placement support. With an education in automotive technology, you’ll have many great options available to you.
  • Pay is Competitive: There is a lot of room for growth within your industry, but your unique skillset will make you a valued candidate and afford you a good salary.
  • You’ll Save Money: Not only will you make good money, but you’ll also be able to save money and help friends and family with car services and repairs that can really add up.
  • You’ll Have Job Security: Cars are only growing more complicated and available. With a degree from our technical school, you’ll know you can always get a good job.
  • You’ll Work With Your Hands: A job as a mechanic is never boring. You’ll get to solve problems, help drivers, and take on new challenges every day.

Attend a Broward Technical College For:

-A wide variety of courses

-Veteran assistance

-International student support

-Low tuition costs

-Job placement guidance and advising


Why Get an Automotive Technology Degree From Broward Technical College?

From nursing and patient care to health science, there are many great courses of study available here at Broward Technical College. Our Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Technician program is one of them.


In addition to course instruction, we offer affordable tuition, support for veterans and international students, job placement and assistance, and more. 


Begin the journey to a career in the automotive field that you love by exploring our admissions and registration information and speaking with a counselor today!