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Join the Get There Initiative

For some, the next steps out of high school are confusing and ambiguous and often lead to debt without much promise of a career. But by pursuing education through Broward Technical Colleges, you can discover exciting skills that will always be in demand.  

As a proud participant in Florida’s Get There initiative, we’re empowering students to dream bigger and go further.  

What is the Get There Initiative?  

America has largely fallen out of touch with skilled labor and technical trades with so much priority being given to four-year colleges. But the demand for skills generated by career and technical education (CTE) certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. This disparity creates a unique opportunity for students to discover new possibilities.   

That’s why the state of Florida is working hard to help students discover an alternative path to four-year colleges through the Get There initiative. This exciting program creates a new workforce and education hub online where students can explore education and career opportunities they previously didn’t think were possible.  

CTE programs offer specialized trade education where students can quickly learn skills that will directly translate to high-demand, quality jobs. Many programs can be completed in just a year and a half. Not only will students find themselves immersed in the workforce more quickly, but they’ll also end up with far less debt, if any at all!  

CTE in Broward County 

Finding your path is quick and straightforward when you explore our CTE programs within our network of technical colleges near Fort Lauderdale. There’s a vast range of possible career paths students can explore, including nursing, construction, manufacturing, information technology, and much more! 

To get started, first pick the school location out of our three technical colleges that works best for you. Then, you’ll meet virtually with a guidance counselor who will recommend different programs for you based on your needs, including if you’re interested in obtaining your GED or moving on to more advanced education. After this, it’s time to explore our programs and get registered.  

Contact us today to learn more about the Get There initiative and to get started with the registration process.