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Enroll in the Automotive Collision Technology Technician Program to Become Car Repair Certified

Are you researching colleges in Pembroke Pines, FL and nearby areas? If so, we invite you to consider attending one of our trade schools. Our campuses give people the chance to learn a wide variety of trades. For example, our automotive technician school has a bevy of courses that range from basic to highly specialized.

Automotive Collision Technology Technician Program

About Our Automotive Collision Technology Technician Course

Our Automotive Collision Technology Technician course is a smart pick for anyone who wants to work with their hands and challenge their minds. This in-depth program provides 600 hours of instruction and training in several key areas, such as shop safety, the proper use of parts and equipment, and computerized systems.

Ideally, course participants will be prepared to earn their Automotive Service Excellence Certification at the end of our Automotive Collision Technology Technician program. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in ASE Certification training as they attend our course.

The Automotive Collision Technology Technician program is designed to put attendees on the path to becoming certified car repair professionals. Whether you want to open your own repair shop or you plan to work at a dealership or an independent garage, earning your certification can set you apart from the crowd.

Rapid Credentialing Programs

While our Automotive Collision Technology Technician course isn’t one of our rapid credentialing programs, you can earn certificates in other specialties within the automotive industry comparatively fast. For example, you can attend our Automotive Service Technology class. With that class encompassing 450 hours, you can earn your certificate in as little as six months or less.


Benefits of Earning a Car Repair Certification

Earning a car repair certification offers some meaningful benefits. For starters, adding that certification to your resume will make you more attractive to prospective employers. Telling your clients that you earned your certification will help your customers have even more confidence in you, and you may get a few referrals as a result. To enjoy those benefits, enroll in our car repair certification course now.

Do you want to launch a career or add to your already impressive resume? In either case, taking classes at one of our Broward Technical Colleges is a great way to achieve your professional goals and expand your knowledge base. Our programs are affordable, and our student-to-instructor ratio enables our instructors to work with class attendees individually.

To learn more about our Automotive Collision Technology Technician program in particular or our courses in general, contact Broward Technical Colleges today.