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Discover the Court Reporting Program at Broward Technical Colleges

A Career in Court Reporting is Closer Than You Think

Broward Technical Colleges are always here to provide real-world, quality education to adults and recent graduates looking for colleges in Broward county Florida. With 13 different categories covering dozens of different programs, Broward Technical Colleges provide a robust gateway into careers in several different real-world fields. And today, we’re talking about the Court Reporting program we offer. This program prepares you for the fast-paced world of real-time legal writing just as well as any college of Court Reporting.

Court Reporting Technology Overview

  • 28-Month Program (Full Time)
  • Online Available
  • Three Level Planned Sequence
  • Focus: Theory, Real-Time Writing, Speed Development, Terminology


Becoming a Court Reporter

The Court Reporting Program at Broward Technical Colleges consists of three programs, taken in sequence. By the time you finish Court Reporting 2, you’ve developed the entry-level skills that a transcriptionist would have, which will work for internships and/or freelance work online. However, once you finish the third level, you are qualified to become a full-fledged Court Reporter, helping document our legal system.


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Court Reporting Skills

Like many other professions, being a court reporter can also  provide you with many other applicable skills useful in other professions. The Court Reporting program helps you develop your active listening skills, while also expanding your vocabulary through both the medical and legal fields with the multitude of terms those both have. In terms of legal work, you become intimately acquainted with courtroom procedure and the conflict-free theory of writing used in legal transcription. Because you’re doing all this writing, you also develop your skills with the English language as well.


Discover the Best Technical Schools in Broward County

The Broward Career Center offers many other career choices as well, over our three different schools. If you’ve been looking for a way to find adult education in the Miami area on your own time, we make it easy and affordable, with online options available for the Court Reporting Technology program as well as many other programs we offer. Check them out and get your career started today!