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Program: Architecture and Construction

Start building your future with a career in a year in an Architecture or construction trade. At Broward Technical Colleges, we are here to give you the tools you need to train for this exciting and ever-growing, and always in-demand field.  Whether you’re looking to...


As a part of the Broward County Public Schools, we’re very proud of our 50+ years of education and training experience. We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art facilities, top-notch instructors and a passion for helping students achieve their goals and dreams. ...

Program: Marketing

Want to be a driving force behind a brand  or business? Broward Technical Colleges Marketing, Sales and Service courses are here to teach you how to sell the best of any business to help profits and visibility grow. Get ready to start off your new career in business,...

Program: Marine Service Technology

Do you want to cruise the waterways and care for marine vessels? With Broward Technical Colleges’ program Marine Service Technology, get your career in a year and graduate from the classroom to the dock slip in no time. You’ll learn imperative service and overhaul...


Broward Technical Colleges wants to see you succeed! Start taking the next step in creating a better future by registering at Broward Technical Colleges; registration is now open and classes for the fall term start on October 22nd.  We offer 65 programs that will...