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Registration – Documents and Paperwork to Get Started

At Broward Technical College, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about our campus locations and the process for registering. We’ve put several easy steps in to start your journey. It all starts with orientation. Once you’ve found the campus that...

Business Administration Program

The Broward Technical Colleges offer courses in Business Administration and Management to get you prepared to handle everything from technology literacy to entrepreneurship and so much more.   We aim to give you the best possible education and hands on training...

Broward Technical College Locations

Sometimes it feels like Broward County can be difficult to navigate and we understand that. We know traffic and congested streets can be a hassle, so have campuses throughout Broward County to make access to your career training and education as easy as possible....

Jumping into the Job Market

The main goal in obtaining training and certifications from any of our three Broward campuses is to join the workforce. After hands-on training in the field of your dreams, the next step is obtaining the career you’ve worked so hard for.   Our job isn’t complete...

Career Placement Program

At Broward Technical Colleges, our goal is to help our students achieve the career of their dreams after training at our campuses. With Career Placement services, we’ve allowed our goals to become reality.   Our program focuses on getting students prepared for...