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Program – Television Production

If you love the warm glow of turning on the television and want to be a part of how TV is made and produced, Broward Technical Colleges’ Television Production program is here for you. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the tech available to you and what it takes to be...

Program – Patient Care Technician

One of the most honorable professions to have is in health care. Being there to help patients and assist other medical professionals is among the most difficult yet noble careers. At Broward Technical Colleges, the patient care technician courses are here to help you...

Job Placement at BTC

Broward Technical College offers better course times, better costs and better state-of-the-art technology to help give you the best education. There is one more step, offered by our campuses, job placement. BTC doesn’t just believe in giving you the best education you...

Program – Court Reporting

If you have an eye for attention to detail and a sharp mind, court reporting is the focus of study for you. You’ll need to pass all three of the courses as a scopist or transcriptionist, then you’re ready to be a full on court reporter. If you have what it takes to be...