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    Spa Services – Massage Therapy

    We all want to make life easier for ourselves and especially for those around us; family, friends, and classmates. With Broward Technical Colleges’ Massage Therapy course, relaxation is right on your finger tips.   Taking this course gives you the ability to...

    Job Placement and Career Services

    The Broward Technical Colleges are your one-stop guide for finalizing your education goals, helping you through your college life, and most importantly, getting you into the career you set out to achieve. With our career in a year setup, we get you through school...

    Foundation Scholarship Event

    Broward Technical Colleges believes in helping each and every student achieve their dreams. Whether it’s through affordable classes, better time availabilities or through the Foundation Scholarship Event. Each year, Broward Education Foundation Scholarship...

    Program – Digital Printing Technology

    How can you capture the essence of your image and project it onto an enormous banner? How can you grab an image from life and show everyone in a bigger way? At Broward Technical Colleges, the Digital Printing Technology course helps you learn graphic design and all...

    Program – Drafting

    What if you could create entire rooms, buildings and skylines with the stroke of a pencil? Now, with Broward Technical Colleges, Drafting course, you can! Experience another step on your way to become an expert architect by beginning the drafting course today.  ...