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Program: Emergency Medical Technician

If you’re looking for a career in less than a year that allows for busy days of helping people in any situation, the Emergency Medical Technician program at Broward Technical Colleges is waiting for you. Sign up today and strap in for the fast-paced world of an EMT...

Program: Practical Nursing

Learning to be a nurse is as rewarding as it is challenging and at Broward Technical Colleges, we give you the tools necessary to take your NCLEX-PIN licensure exam and upon passing that exam, will be a licensed Practical Nurse.   You’ll be entrenched in the...

Career in a Year

New year, new you! At Broward Technical Colleges, if you’ve registered and are ready to work, this time next year, you can be one step closer to your dream career. We have many areas of study with 1-year programs to help you get to your career quickly and efficiently....

Learner’s Rights and Responsibilities

Being able to focus on your schoolwork and attend an incredible school like one of the campuses of Broward Technical College is a great way to kick off your new life with a new career goal, but with those privileges, comes your rights and responsibilities as a...

Locations: McFatter Technical College

This month, we are proud to feature one of our three Broward locations, McFatter Technical College. The McFatter Campus, located off of 595 and the turnpike in Davie, Florida, continues to serve the community as a top technical college in South Florida.   Aside...