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About Our Trade Schools

Question: Where else can you get a quality education, at an affordable price that will also assist in career placement after graduation? Answer: One of the three schools here at Broward Technical Colleges. We have campuses that serve across Broward County. From...

Job and Career Placement

Broward Technical Colleges fully understands that without education, getting a high paying career is very difficult in today’s day in age. However, we also understand that once you do graduate, finding those higher paying jobs aren’t as easy as we’d all hope; that’s...

Nursing Program in Broward County

Nurses are arguably one of the most important and influential groups in our country. They take care of, sit with, listen to and of course, care immensely about their patients, all while trying to balance studies, health care regulations and their every day life. At...

Medical Technology Program in Broward County

Healthcare has always been an industry that constantly needs skilled, professional workers. Here at Broward Technical Colleges, our medical technology courses will help prepare you for your dream career in one of the most intense, yet rewarding fields. At it’s core,...

Cosmetology Program in Broward County

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and now with Broward Technical Colleges, you can be the one who makes others’ beauty a reality. You’ll grasp a vast understanding of the ins and outs of hair cutting, hairdressing, permanent waving, chemical relaxing,...